The purpose of the Worship Ministry team is to lead the church in Worship each Sunday morning.  The Worship Team is comprised of church members who feel the Lord has called them to use their musical gifts and abilities to edify the body as a whole.  Our goal is to create an environment and choose songs that will aid the church body in a meaningful worship time each week.  We have chosen a format of music that includes a blend of traditional and contemporary musical styles.  As we choose our music each week we seek to select songs that most glorifies God and brings honor to His name.

The leaders of the Worship Team meet regularly with the Pastor to select music appropriate to the theme of the current sermon or sermon series.  As a part of the meeting, the team also discusses creative ways to enhance the Sunday Morning Worship Service or reinforce the theme of the morning's message.  In the past these creative touches have been in the form of videos, special music and visual reminders.